Wider wind-solar complementarity would mean less need for storage


A study from the Lappeenranta University of Technology states a deeper complementarity between solar and wind generation may favor renewables deployment reducing the need for stronger developments in storage technology. Combining solar with wind more widely could also reduce the need for ramping and improve the reliability of energy supply, say the researchers.

Solar and wind generation exhibit significant seasonal variability and resource quality from place to place, the researchers stated. For example, wind production peaks in spring in California and Saudi Arabia, and in winter in Finland. “Due to its tendency to show some periodic trend in terms of its daily generation, wind output is very spiky, showing several dips after reaching peak.

By contrast, solar output can be almost zero from November through February in Finland, while in California and Saudi Arabia it can provide good generation during winter, depending on local weather. The generation comparison between countries, the researchers said, should focus on daytime and seasonal profiles rather than any relative value based on corresponding daily power demand.

Returning to the central conclusion of how much such planning could reduce the need for energy storage,Some studies have already reported a 100% renewable power system without the need for significant storage, through resource complementarity, as compared to those which rely on less diverse resources and need larger storage.” -----YIWU GREENWAY IMP EXP CO., LTD -one stop supplier for solar irrigation and solar off grid home systems.


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