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Turkish photovoltaic market analysis


According to the IEA data and report, the population of Turkey is around 82000000. the growth rate  kept 1% record  in the past 15 years. in order to solve the big demand of Turkish energy market, the government used to import fossil fuel but it occupied 75% in the total energy consumption. What's  more, compared with 2017,the cost of energy increased 15.6% in 2018.the running projects exceed 5868 now.

In 2018,the electricity consumption has increased 0.75%,around 292.17TWh in Turkish. because of the energy privatization strategy, the data shows the rate  from32% in 2002 to 80% in 2018,more and more entrepreneur built energy private enterprise, they also became the most important part in the distribution network.

however, in accordance with the serious currency devaluation in 2018, Turkish almost lost one third. this made natural gas price rose from 29.5% to 54%. for the next few years, the economic and currency situation will effect all the natural department (include photovoltaic investment). But the government predicted that  photovoltaic enterprise  would get opportunity to revive in the near future. they also planed to explore 10GW photovoltaic
Solar energy is the most important renewable resource, but the unexplored part reach to 500GW. 

Now, Turkish don't have silicon material silicon ingot and silicon dice factory, but they have around 30 factories. The production rate is 3.5G. Turkish also have some photovoltaic glass and frame factory, but most of them just do some easy steps , 85% still trends to import.


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