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Signifcant ! 1, 372 irrigation pumps in Bangladesh were converted into solar energy.


Recently, 1, 372 irrigation pumps in Bangladesh were converted into solar energy with a capacity of 30 megawatts.Administration officials say tax deductions related to such systems will soon be finalized.

During the irrigation season in Bangladesh from January to April, the solar pumps use the electricity they generate for major purposes, but during the following year (especially during the high temperatures from may to October) the net metering allows the owners of the solar pumps to sell excess electricity to the grid for income.

Government officials say the country's 1.34 million diesel pumps consume $1 billion of fuel a year, and 240,000 grid power systems add 1.5 gigawatts of capacity to the grid each day during the irrigation season.

Low-interest loans from the state-owned infrastructure development company financed 1,473solar-powered irrigation pumpsas of the end of June, power officials said.IDCOL aims to install 50,000 solar pumps by 2025 through its solar pump program, which is supported by the world's Banks, global partnerships and institutional foundations.

A senior official with Bangladesh's sustainable andrenewable energydevelopment authority (SREDA) said they wanted to replace the diesel power system with a 150-megawatt solar pump.


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