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What is the most effcient solar panel?


Are you still worrying about what to choose the right and solar panel for your project? please do not hesitated to choose our new products---bifacial 60 cell and 72 cell solar panel.

Bifacial solar modules are making a comeback, of sorts, as the PV industry looks to squeeze more out of current solar cell technology. On the heels of Sunpreme revealing their 500W bifacial modules and MegaCell’s manufacture of 18% efficient bifacial cells, bifacial PV looks to work its way towards a larger share of the PV market.

What is a bifacial solar cell?

Bifacial solar cells are designed to allow light to enter from both sides. They typically employ a front surface design similar to that used in industry‑standard screen printed solar cells, with the major point of difference being the structure of the rear surface contact. Rather than cover the entire back surface with a reflective aluminium contact, a ‘finger’ grid is used in its place in order to allow sunlight through the rear.4Solar panel in china


Bifacial solar modules offer some unique advantages over traditional solar panels:

  • Better performance at similar project size, more production at a barely higher installation cost, so LCOE reduces.
  • Optimization for projects on sites with high albedo (deserts with sand, white roofs, gravel …)
  • Synergy between rear-facing exposure and improved ventilation
  • Aesthetic interest(barriers, canopies, pergolas, brise-soleil …)
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