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Heterojunction Technology—where the solar efficiency revolution will be


Nowadays,heterojunction technology is of great significance in solar cell manufacturing as this technology is gradually matured and will be widely used, which will lead to a solar efficiency revolution.So it is necessary for us to know about it so as to keep pace with the the trend of technological development.

Here are 4 questions with answer to help you understand Heterojunction technology:

Q1:What is heterojunction?

--Heterojunction technology(HJT)combines the advantages of crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film technologies enabling solar cells to reach higher degrees of efficiency at lower cost of production.

Q2: So what about the HJT solar cells manufacturing process?

--To produce the electric structures of heterojunction cells, it is necessary to apply thin layers of doped and intrinsic amorphous silicon on both sides of n-type silicon wafers as well as transparent,conductive oxide layers(TCO) to absorb the generated power.

As a result of the high light yield and outstanding passivation characteristics of amorphous silicon,it is possible to reach efficiency rates of more than 24%.Moreover,heterojunction cells show a considerably lower temperature coefficient than conventional silicon solar cells.

HJT solar cells

Q3:What are the Important technological advantages of HJT?

1.HJT is highly efficient and produces more power per square meter than traditional products – up to 28%.

2.High open-circuit volt­ages and high cell efficiencies due to the excellent surface passivation of a-Si.

3.With the lowest temperature coefficient, HJT ensures higher efficiency and delivers higher output even at high temperatures.

4.Low temperature pro­cessing (<250°C) saves energy during manufacturing, prevents bulk degradation and enables the use of thin wafers.

5.The relatively straightforward HJT production process takes place at low temperatures and requires fewer production steps compared to other high efficiency.

Q4:What are the key differences between heterojunction solar cells and standard solar cells?

--The picture below will show you:

HJT solar cells


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