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2020 International Solaire Expo in Morocco

We went passionately to a back garden city called Casablanca in North Africa.,The most developed city in Morocco .For the 2020 Solar Energy International Exhibition. It was held from 25 February 2020 to 27 February 2020.

Morocco's International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition solaire expo held annually since its first session in 2011 at the International Exhibition Centre in Casablanca, Morocco, is the largest and most professional solar and new energy exhibition in Morocco.Its exhibition is effective, highly professional, and continues to play a continuing role in Morocco and South Africa, West Africa

Morocco has a clear geographical advantage, links three major markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, is open to the economy and has abundant renewable energy resources ,These excellent resources make some cities develop better.But throughout Africa there are still many people living in energy-poor areas who still use traditional biomass energy sources, such as fuel wood for cooking. Currently, the provision of reliable and affordable renewable energy for these populations has become a central focus of development around the world.

According to the current form, our company has prepared high performance and suitable products for the local market environment for this Africa exhibition.among the many exhibitors , Our company's solar panels and water pumps stand out with their unique independent R & D design appearance and strong performance. It caught theeye of many exhibitors .this 4 inch DC brushless pump is very popular. This is a very cost-effective product.With high efficiency permanent magnetic motor, efficiency improved 15%-30%; Environmental protection, clean energy, can be powered by both solar panel and battery; Much longer lifethan thenormal AC water pump;The water output is adequate and suitable for the water-deficient ecological environment in Africa .Our solar panels have exquisite appearance, high working efficiency, high quality and sufficient stock. We have efficient production line and storage space of 1600 square meters, which provide guarantee for production and inventoryAlsoIn addition, we also provide customers with convenient consultation and purchase of products services. Welcome all over the world solar photovoltaic industry personnelconsultation price.

At the same time ,Our company expects to launch more efficient renewable energy solar products from 2020 to 2022


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